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Epifanes Paint & Varnish Range

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Epifanes Paint & Varnish Range

Varnish Range

Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish

Highest quality marine varnish This varnish is manufactured with a long base of 100% tung oil combined with non-yellowing urethane and alkyd resins blended with a perfected balance of ultra violet filters World famous for its high gloss retention, long lasting properties, unique flowing characteristics and high build capacity, it is regarded by many as the finest of all yacht varnishes.



Epifanes Rubbed Effect (Satin) Interior Varnish
The finest available for a rich satin lustre; for use preferably on interior work A quick drying, clear one-part, satin finish based on poly-urethane alkyds This interior finish gives optimum protection against alcohol and chemicals Apply as a finishing coat over several build-up coats of EPIFANES Clear Gloss Varnish.



Epifanes Teak and Tropical Wood Finish
Formulated to give excellent adhesion to new teak and other exotic woods with extraordinary protection, even in tropical climates. For use where a glossy, varnished look is desired in exterior and interior conditions Provides a hard, clear, high gloss finish that looks like conventional varnish without much of the sanding and expertise required of a varnish formulation.


Paint Range

Epifanes Yacht Enamels
Vivid colour brilliance, superior covering and flowing properties are the hallmarks of these high gloss enamels The finest components possible give a hard protective finish The preferred paint for many of the worlds finest yachts, giving long lasting protection in any climate.

Epifanes Mono-Urethane Paints
An innovative one-part urethane formula developed to give the tough durability of a two-part system while providing the application ease of standard enamels This finish results in a higher gloss than given by conventional urethane methods and fully cures to a remarkable degree of hardness in just 24 hours.

Epifanes Poly-Urethane Paints
A highly advanced two-component polyurethane system Special flow characteristics produce mirror-like results Rich, brilliant colours with extra-ordinary gloss together with unsurpassed urethane toughness give many years of beautiful, lasting protection. When applied by brush or spray, optimum leveling and flow features will produce a high gloss finish which cures tack free in one hour.

Epifanes Paint Colour Chart

Anti-Slip Preparations
In order to obtain a non-skid surface on decks, add EPIFANES Non-Skid beads to the last two coats of Poly-Urethane (two component) or replace these last two coats by two coats of Non-skid Deck Coating (one component) or by two coats of Monourethane (one component) to which EPIFANES Non-Skid beads have been added. Apply by roller as brushing will not produce as even a coat. Allow at least 72 hours for the system to cure.
Note: It is known in the trade that sprinkling silver(white) sand into the finishing paint coats produces a non slip surface. This is true, but the sand does not become a component part of the paint finish (unlike Non-Skid beads), and the sand soon comes out leaving an unsightly pock-marked paint surface. For an effective, long lasting anti-slip surface - use EPIFANES Non-Skid Beads.

Extra UV Resitant Colours
Epifanes Nautiforte is a one-component finish, based on siliconised alkyd resons. This finish provides outstanding weather durability, long lasting gloss retention, rapid wet film drying, minimal dirt retention and is non yellowing. This makes it ideal for arduous conditions, particularly hot climates, and can be used on wood, steel, aluminium and fibreglass above the waterline in combination with the appropriate primers, or directly over well degreased and sanded fibreglass.

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